Allen Brouwer, Keynote Speaker


Allen Brouwer is a father, a serial entrepreneur, and a productivity, scale, and marketing expert. He’s the co-founder of BestSelf.Co, and the founder of the Brouwer Fund - a private equity firm that acquires growth-oriented e-commerce companies for rapid, sustainable scaling.

Allen has a ‘hustle for abundance’ mindset and a passion for work-life harmony. He loves to travel, get out on his boat, and create an experience rich life.  

Allen believes life is too short to settle for one-dimensional living. As a student of success, philosopher of personal development, and practitioner of big thinking, Allen pushes limits to see what’s really possible.

Allen has immersed himself in direct to consumer marketing and business over the better part of a decade. During which he:

  • Built 8-Figure global business
  • Forbes 30 Under 30 Winner (for Retail and E-Commerce)
  • Shopify Build A Business Competition Winner
  • Shopify Build A Bigger Business Competition Winner (his company the only one to ever win both awards consecutively)
  • Personally mentored by Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Tim Ferriss, Russell Simmons, and others
  • Partners with Daymond John on upcoming E-Commerce Course (he is also a consultant for his Shark deals)

Allen is one of over a dozen speakers at this event that will enable you to walk away with actionable tips, tricks and insights into your business that you can apply immediately. Register today and learn more, then earn more with your store.