How to Pitch your Business to Investors | E-Commerce DayⓇ Workshop | ECOMMevents

In this webinar led by Rohan Kapoor, Strategic Partner Manager, PE & VC at Gorgias, alongside Kofi Ampadu and John Roman, the investors, you will listen to two entrepreneurs pitch ideas to chose one to invest in. Those companies are Pashion, by Haley Pavone, and Obvi, by Ronak Shah. Get advice on how to pitch your business idea to investors with the example of Obvi and Pashion. Listen to their pitch and collect key topics and guidance on how to pitch your business and find out the dos and don’ts. Find out two examples of pitching outlines, product specifications, numbers, retention rate, KPIs, short and long-term goals, capital rase idea, logistics, and marketing strategies to point out when pitching your business to investors.

*Video from E-Commerce Day® REMOTE October 1st, 2020.*